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Ruwanga Samath is a successful producer, composer, and songwriter in Los Angeles.  He has been a long time supporter and friend of LA RAW.  In fact, he was in the very first issue back in 2010.  Luckily, he graced us with his presence again to keep us updated on his career and give us some insight into the music industry.  

Ruwanga “Ru” Samath (Producer/ Composer/ Songwriter) founded The Bird Call Productions in 2003. Now at 27, Ru has been making music professionally for a decade. Born and raised in Sri Lanka to a very musical family, his mother was a pop star in his native country and occasionally plays eastern instruments on some of his songs.  Ru has become a “go-to guy” in creating custom songs and music in Film, Video Games, and TV. Some of his custom placements include: Fast Five (Universal Pictures), TED (Universal Pictures), The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Sony Pictures), TV shows: The King of Clubs (Playboy Channel), Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs Tommy Lee (Discovery Channel), & Jersey Shore (MTV).  Ru has recently ventured into scoring with his collaboration alongside Jonathan Zalben on National Lampoon’s Another Dirty Movie, and Executive Music Producing the music on the upcoming comedy Not Another Celebrity Movie.  An avid gamer, Ru has created music for the video games The Agency (Sony), and the upcoming Sims: Next Generation (Electronic Arts).  Ru has recorded with stars like Flo-Rida, Kesha, & Kelly Rowland, and has done re-mixes for Britney Spears, Beyonce, & Norah Jones. Ru also produces and performs in the LA-based band, Mind the Gap, who have already had placements in many films and networks, including MTV, Playboy, Lionsgate & Discovery.  

The Bird Call Productions is an independent record label and music production company, started by Ruwanga and the Samath family in 2003, later joined by Ozzy Doniz, specialists in composing/scoring for songs, feature films, video games and other media. Our extensive music catalogue includes hip hop, pop, reggae/dance-hall and rock. Clients include Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Jive Records, Columbia, Adrenaline and Sony Online. The Bird Call Productions also worked with Busta Rhymes & Don Omar, “How We Roll” (Fast Five title song), Beyonce “Ring the Alarm” (European remix), Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland “Work It,” Flo Rida ”Work for Me,” Ke$ha “A La Discotheque,” etc.

1.  Where is The Bird Call productions now, 4 years later?

BCP has become one of the leading music production companies for movies and television in the past couple of years.  In 4 years I'd like the BCP to work on top 1% of all media projects (feature movies, commercials, TV etc) I'd also would like to see BCP breaking and establishing new artists as well.

2.  How did it feel to have your latest mix featured on Jay-z's blog life + times?

It was definitely an honor to be in that blog. Response to the mixtape was overwhelming as well. Shout out to Efehi and Kaymar for the amazing art-work, I think the artwork was an important aspect of this project, as much as the music. They really captured the essence of the music.

3.  What was your inspiration while producing #backin20 vol. 1?

Being being from Sri Lanka, reggae music was my favorite genre. When I decided to work on a mixtape, I wanted tap into all of my childhood inspirations and mix it with the current genres. I also wan't a huge fan of the whole EDM scene so I wanted to create a something new in the EDM world acheter kamagra oral jelly.

4.  What does a typical day look like for you?

It varies from day to day, depending on the artist or the project I'm working on. But in general, my days usually consist of making music, producing, meetings and research.

5.  What future projects are you looking forward to in 2014?

I'm looking forward to working on all of the top movies in 2014, also I'd like to work with great artists as well. I'm very excited for 2014 as I feel like I've done enough in the past 8 years to get to the next level.

6.  You've been in this industry for over a decade now, looking back on your career do you have any advice for aspiring music producers/composers?

I think patients is the key to longevity. Stay grounded and humble, don't get caught up in the industry, there's more to life than the Entertainment Industry. Learn how to stay inspired. Most importantly, build a rock-solid team around you.

7.  Have you noticed significant changes in the music industry since you've started?

Yes, I think everything has changed since I started in the music business (Haha). I think the value of music, the way music is being created, how deals are made and just about everything else you can think of has changed. I think technology has had the biggest impact on the music industry.

8.  Who do you want to work with but haven't yet?

Damian Marley, Beyonce, Jay Z, Nas just to name a few.

9.  Where do you see yourself in the next 4 years?

I see myself being more of a producer than a beat-maker or a composer. I think I'm getting good at putting the right combination of people together and leading them, which is what producing is about. Producing to me is a learning process. So in 4 years, I like to go more into a Dr. Dre or Kanye West lane, oppose to sitting in the studio for hours and making tons of beats.  


Ru’s achievements in the music industry inspire us as fellow business owners and artists.  He continues to grow professionally and reach new heights in his career.  At the young age of 27, he already has a lifetime of success stories.  He’s worked with amazing artists, films, and networks and continues to be one of the most humble guys we know.  We can’t wait to see where life takes him in the next four years...


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